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Creating a Productive Work From Home Office

Date Aug 2023
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In the past few years, working from home has become the new normal. Remote work offers flexibility and convenience, but it also demands a strategic approach to maintain productivity and achieve your professional goals. It can be tempting to work from the couch or even in bed, but it’s essential to establish a space where you can stay focused and motivated during the workday. Here are 7 tips to create a productive working environment when you work from home.


1. Pick Your Workspace

Pick a spot in your home for your dedicated workspace that is solely dedicated to work-related activities. This separation will help you mentally distinguish your work environment from your personal living space, which is important for a work-life balance. Opt for a quiet well-lit area with minimal distractions to maximize your productivity. Keep this workspace clean, organized, and comfortable.


2. Invest in Comfortable Quality Equipment

Your desk set up can make a huge difference in how your work output goes for the day. If your company doesn’t give you a work from home stipend, invest in an ergonomic chair at least, or a standing desk. Comfort is a main factor when it comes to productivity. A dual monitor setup can enhance multitasking efficiency, and noise-canceling headphones can block out background disturbances.


3. Create an Organized Daily Routine

Maintaining a consistent routine helps align your body and mind with day-to-day tasks. Wake up at the same time each day, follow a morning ritual, and establish set work hours. Regular breaks are essential for recharging and maintaining high levels of productivity. When you’re at a computer all day, the blue light from your screens can put a strain on your eyes, so make sure you’re taking breaks and take walks outside to get natural light and fresh air.



4. Minimize Unnecessary Distractions and Create Boundaries

Home environments can often present distractions that you wouldn’t find in a typical office. Don’t be afraid to create boundaries by communicating your work hours to family members or roommates. Try setting up do not disturb hours on your phone during work hours to prevent minimize notifications and distractions.


5. Set Your Goals – Big or Small

Goal setting provides a sense of purpose and direction to your workday. They don’t even need to be big long-term goals; everyday wins are important too. These can be goals like taking a 30-minute walk outside every day at lunch or finishing a certain amount of work for a project by the end of the week. Define daily, weekly, and monthly goals that align with your larger objectives. Break these goals into smaller tasks and track your progress. Celebrate achievements to maintain motivation and momentum.


6. Embrace Light and Greenery

Light has a positive impact on mood, alertness, and productivity. Position your workspace near a window to benefit from natural daylight and in addition to natural light, invest in a wellness solution like SKYVIEW.

When it comes to light and how it affects your productivity, windows aren’t enough because you’re not always getting the right amount you need. Even if you’re facing a window, there are still so many requirements to get the full benefits like the sun has to be in the perfect position, the direction your window is facing, and how close to the window you are. That’s where adding SKYVIEW to your work desk can help. In an interventional clinical study done by Harvard, people saw an increase of 190% in mental sharpness1 when using SKYVIEW vs standard indoor lighting during the workday. Participants also reported a 153% increase in alertness and 300% increase in reaction time.


Incorporate indoor plants to improve air quality and create a visually pleasing atmosphere. Studies have shown that the presence of greenery can enhance creativity and reduce stress levels. If you’re not great with plants, you can start off with something easy like a snake plant, monstera, or pothos.


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