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Developed by former NASA scientists, our
true circadian technology transforms your
life on a biological level.

Outdoor light transmits information to the master clock in our brains via a special photopigment in the eye—melanopsin. Traditional indoor lights don't effectively target melanopsin, and thus don’t send the circadian signals we need to the brain.

Research shows that lights that can target melanopsin—as SKYVIEW™ does—promote better sleep, reduced fatigue, and increased concentration.

SKYVIEW™ delivers
the full benefits of
outdoor light

Our spectrum is true
circadian lighting

SKYVIEW™ circadian lighting replicates the information we get from natural light throughout the day—both visual and non-visual. It focuses on the “sky blue” wavelength that sends signals to the brain through a special photopigment in our eyes.

SKYVIEW™ spectrum effectively regulates circadian rhythms. By contrast, color changing lights have a spectrum that dips at the "sky blue" wavelength, so they don’t send wellness signals to the brain. And standard lighting stays the same all day, confusing our body by feeling like constant twilight.

The peak of SKYVIEW™ spectrum is at the ideal frequency for biological potency, with an M/P ratio (m-EER) of 1.8.

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Our color dispersion
makes getting the right light

Exposure to the blue light that our bodies need can feel quite harsh. We designed SKYVIEW™ glass globe to disperse it in a way that’s both biologically and visually pleasing.

Then, our gradients of color deliver comfort on another level. The “blue sky” wavelength combined with warm colors boosts your mood in the same way a bright clear day can. The colors also make the light pleasant to look at via a visual phenomenon known as lateral inhibition, which helps the brain avoid overstimulation.

SKYVIEW™ color dispersion ensures that you get the benefits of the right light without sacrificing comfort.

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Our design emits light on
the most biologically
ideal plane

Research shows that blue light coming from the upper region of our gaze is biologically ideal, just as blue sky shows up above the horizon in nature.

With this in mind, we designed SKYVIEW™ to provide light in the vertical plane of your sightline. This is the best way to target circadian receptors throughout the eye, which take in information from the ambient environment.

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Our configuration
minimizes energy use

We designed SKYVIEW™ so people can use it right where they need it—on a desk, next to a bed, on the side of a sofa, etc.

Because of the light’s proximity to you, SKYVIEW™ is the most energy efficient way to deliver circadian wellness lighting.

Based on the inverse square law, lighting an entire room from above (with lights in the ceiling) takes far more energy to deliver the same benefits as SKYVIEW™.

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The benefits could be

Over 90% of people have some form of circadian disruption, which research ties to a wide range of health consequences.

A healthy circadian clock supports improved sleep quality, metabolism, cardiovascular health, and decreased risk of disease.

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Better light, better life.


Height: 20.7in (52cm)


Height: 11.5in (29cm)