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Results of Harvard-Affiliated Interventional Clinical Trial with SKYVIEW

Date Sep 2023
Category science
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The environment we inhabit, and specifically the light it offers, plays an essential role in shaping our physical health, emotional well-being, and cognitive capacities. Traditional ambient lighting solutions might not always be optimized for human wellness. However, as new scientific research below has uncovered, wellness solutions such as SKYVIEW hold immense promise for revolutionizing our daily lives.


SKYVIEW and the Harvard-Affiliated Interventional Clinical Trial

Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School, known for its rigorous research standards, recently conducted an in-depth Interventional Clinical Trial examining the impact of SKYVIEW, a state-of-the-art wellness lighting solution. This study was rooted in the principles of evidence-based research and aimed to quantify the benefits of SKYVIEW compared to general ambient lighting environments without SKYVIEW.

View the full publication here

About the Clinical Trial 

Setting: In 2022, Harvard Medical School hosted an interventional clinical trial at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Objective: The study aimed to discern the effects of different lighting conditions on individual alertness, performance, focus, learning, mood, and sleep over an 8-hour workday under two different conditions.



Participants: The study involved healthy people with an even male-to-female ratio. Each participant was mandated to restrict their sleep to 7 hours each night for a week leading up to the experiment.

Condition A: Typical office lighting (referred to as 'low-melanopic-illuminance').

Condition B: A combination of typical office lighting and the SKYVIEW wellness task light (described as a 'single-high-melanopic-illuminance task lamp').

Two-Day Protocol:

  1. On Day 1, Group 1 was exposed to ambient ceiling lighting. On Day 2, they experienced the ambient ceiling light in conjunction with SKYVIEW.
  2. Group 2 began with the combined lighting of ambient ceiling light and SKYVIEW on Day 1, and solely ambient ceiling lighting on Day 2.

Evaluation: During each day, participants were assessed on multiple metrics, including alertness, mood, and cognitive performance. The two groups switched conditions on the second day to ensure all people experienced both lighting scenarios.

Controlled Environment: The research was conducted in a space devoid of time indicators, including windows, clocks, live broadcasts, internet, and phones. Moreover, the supervising staff was specifically trained to avoid revealing any time-related information.

Image 1: Group 1 experienced ambient ceiling lighting conditions on Day 1 and then on Day 2, they experienced ambient ceiling light with SKYVIEW.


Image 2:  Group 1 experienced ambient ceiling lighting conditions with SKYVIEW on Day 1 and then on Day 2, they experienced just ambient ceiling lighting. 



The Interventional Clinical Trial brought to light the profound effectiveness of SKYVIEW, specifically:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Reaction time, alertness, and attentional failures all showed significant positive shifts.
  • Improved Mental Well-Being: Participants overwhelmingly reported enhancements in aspects such as sleepiness, mood/happiness, health, and motivation when using SKYVIEW.
  • Better Sleep: Participants improved their overall sleep, falling asleep faster and longer, the same evening after using SKYVIEW.


A Leap in Productivity

With human performance and productivity, a wide range of factors come into play, each one contributing to either enhancing or diminishing our efficiency. One of these elements, often unnoticed, is the quality of lighting under which we work and play. With the right kind of light, tasks that were once draining can suddenly feel less exhausting, and the usual afternoon productivity slump might just become a thing of the past. Harvard University's recent study on the SKYVIEW wellness task light provides us with illuminating insights into this arena.

A fundamental objective of the study was assessing the influence of light on people’s performance and productivity. In this trial, productivity encompassed motor speed, mental exhaustion vs mental sharpness, headache, eye strain, focus, fewer mistakes, reaction time, and self-reported sleepiness vs. alertness.


Key Results for Productivity

  • Optimized Work Quality: People who used SKYVIEW made fewer mistakes, improving their individual performance by 3x on average compared to their performance under standard ambient lighting. Participants were evaluated using the Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT).



12.5% Boost in Productivity: Participants were 12.5% more productive while using SKYVIEW compared to normal ceiling lighting. This boost in productivity could mean major improvements in work output, task completion and ROI for businesses and individuals.


Focus & Attention

90% Boost in Focus/Attention: Participants demonstrated a 90% increase in their focus and attention while using SKYVIEW. Focus and concentration were evaluated using the Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT). During the 10-minute PVT, people were evaluated for sustained attention and attentional failures during tasks. The PVT was a part of the “Performance Battery” and was repeated every hour for 8 hours.


Reaction Time

300% Better Reaction Times: Participants exposed to SKYVIEW exhibited an astounding 300% improvement in reaction time during the 10-minute Psychomotor Vigilance Task.


Participants using SKYVIEW saw significant improvements in their attention span compared to standard ceiling lighting. In fact, under SKYVIEW, people’s attention improved by 90% compared to the ambient ceiling lighting condition.

  • No More Post-Lunch Dip: People often experience a significant decrease in focus during the afternoon hours, commonly referred to as the 'post-lunch dip.’ The Interventional Clinical Trial revealed that the use of SKYVIEW lighting effectively eliminated this dip in energy, leading to sustained focus throughout the day, especially during the afternoon.
  • More Comfortable and Enjoyable: The clinical study showed that people using SKYVIEW rated the visual experience as more favorable compared to standard ambient lighting.

Participants’ using SKYVIEW experienced a 300% boost in reaction time (measured in milliseconds) compared to their reaction time under ambient lighting completing the 10-minute Psychomotor Vigilance Task.


Lighting the Way Forward for Mental Well-Being and Mood

Emotional and mental health hold paramount importance in our daily routines, and the Harvard Interventional Clinical Trial shed light on this critical domain.

When we think about our mental and emotional well-being, many factors come to mind: daily routines, our relationships, physical activity, and even dietary habits. But what about the role of our environment? Specifically, the very light we're immersed in daily? It's a crucial factor, often overlooked, yet its potential influence on our mental well-being is profound.

Recent findings from Harvard introduce an intriguing proposition: that the quality and type of light in our environments might directly shape our mood, motivation, and overall mental well-being. It's a game-changing interplay that can only be felt.

**Mood, alertness, and motivation were measured using Visual Analog Scales (VAS) which included several rating scales. The most pertinent to the above outcomes are Sad/Happy, Motivated/Unmotivated, Sleepy/Alert, Mentally Sharp/Mentally Exhausted, Tired/Fresh rating scales.    


Key Results for Mental Well-Being and Mood:

  • Mental Well-being Transformation: SKYVIEW's impact was significant for improving mental well-being. Participants reported a substantial upliftment in mood and overall sense of well-being, greatly outperforming ambient lighting conditions.
  • Elevated Mood: People who used SKYVIEW reported improved feelings of happiness and an elevated mood compared to how they felt under the ambient lighting condition.

Participants reported feeling happier when using SKYVIEW as compared to how they felt under the ambient lighting condition.

  • 78% Increase in Motivation: Under SKYVIEW's influence, a significant 78% increase in motivation was observed, emphasizing the light's role in driving professional and personal improvement.
  • 190% Sharper Mental Acumen: People experienced a drastic decrease in lapses in attention, resulting in a 190% increase in mental sharpness.

Participants using SKYVIEW reported feeling more motivated – a 78% improvement in motivation – than they did when working under the ambient lighting condition.


Participants reported feeling significantly more mentally sharp when using SKYVIEW. In fact, people reported a 190% increase mental sharpness with SKYVIEW compared to feelings of mental exhaustion when under general ambient lighting.


From Restful Slumbers to Rejuvenated Mornings

Sleep is indispensable. It offers rejuvenation and ensures optimal cognitive and physical functioning to show up as your best self every day. The Interventional Clinical Trial meticulously explored SKYVIEW's influence on sleep patterns, as well as feelings of being rested and refreshed each day anew.


Key Results for Sleep and Rejuvenation:

  • Feeling of +3 Hours of Sleep: People who used SKYVIEW during the day reported feeling less sleepy, to the point of an additional ~3 hours of sleep. The trial used Karolinska Sleepiness Scale (KSS) to determine that the effects were as significant as an additional cup of coffee, all-day without the caffeine crash.

Participants using SKYVIEW reported feeling more awake and less sleepy, improving their Karolinska Sleepiness Scale (KSS) score by 0.5, which is the equivalent of feeling like they had 3 more hours of sleep. All participants were required to be sleep-restricted, getting 7 hours of sleep, the entire week before the study.  NOTE: These data points are not included in the final published paper. Data was provided directly by Harvard.

  • Reduced Feelings of Daytime Tiredness: People using SKYVIEW reported feeling more “fresh” and less tired by 81% when surveyed.

Participants reported feeling significantly more ‘fresh’ when using SKYVIEW. In fact, there was an 81% increase in participants reporting mental feeling fresh with SKYVIEW compared to feeling tired when under ambient lighting.

  • Counters Adverse Light Effects All-Day: Normal indoor ambient lighting can be detrimental to our circadian rhythms. SKYVIEW, when used during the day, effectively counteracted these deleterious effects, promoting better nocturnal rest.
  • Extended Restorative Sleep: Users reaped the benefits of prolonged sleep, clocking in an extra 15 minutes nightly under SKYVIEW. Over a week, this could add up to over an hour and a half of extra of sleep.

Participants were able to get 15 minutes more sleep after using SKYVIEW as compared to their length of sleep when working by standard ambient lighting. People were monitored following the 8-hour lighting condition and their total sleep time was recorded (in hours) as shown in the graph above.

  • Swift Transition to Sleep: SKYVIEW users transitioned to sleep 6 minutes faster post-exposure compared to standard lighting conditions. Over a week, this could translate to an additional 42 minutes of rest.

Participants fell asleep 6 minutes faster in the evening directly following their use of SKYVIEW than they did in the evening after working under standard ambient lighting. People were monitored following the 8-hour lighting condition.


The Implications of SKYVIEW Technology for Better Living

The data from Harvard's Interventional Clinical Trial on SKYVIEW is undeniably profound.

As we stand on the precipice of an era increasingly characterized by issues with mental well-being and the relentless pursuit of performance, SKYVIEW emerges not just as a beacon of hope but as a solution for holistic well-being. The implications stretch far beyond the confines of sleep metrics; they touch the very core of our daily lives.

  1. Mental Well-being: The crucial intersection of adequate sleep and mental health is well-documented. The promising results from the trial - from reduced sleep latency to enhanced daytime vigor - suggest a potential ripple effect on one’s psychological state. A mind granted the boon of restorative sleep is more resilient against daily stressors, more adept at emotional regulation, and more prone to experiences of joy and contentment.
  2. Personal Performance: From students aiming for academic excellence to professionals juggling high-stakes tasks, and athletes wishing to compete at the highest level, the ramifications of increased alertness and reduced cognitive failures are boundless. Every extra minute of deep sleep or improved focus can translate to better decision-making, quicker problem-solving, and enhanced creativity.
  3. Work Dynamics: The modern workplace is evolving, with employers recognizing that employee well-being directly correlates with organizational success. Introducing SKYVIEW can be transformative. It's not just about improved task performance or reduced errors; it’s about cultivating a work environment that prioritizes health, which can lead to reduced absenteeism, increased job satisfaction, and improved productivity and employee output.
  4. Life & Relationships: The benefits of a rejuvenated mind and body go beyond the personal and professional spheres. The well-being benefits listed can lead to more meaningful engagements in one's social and familial life. Relationships thrive when individuals are present, engaged, and free from the irritability that often accompanies exhaustion. Enhanced mood can translate to more quality time with loved ones, more patience, and deeper connections.


As the world pivots to be more health-centric, solutions like SKYVIEW become indispensable.

In a society where burnout is rampant and the lines between work and rest are increasingly blurred, interventions that can enhance both sleep and wakeful states are nothing short of revolutionary.

In conclusion, the transformative potential of SKYVIEW is not just in its technology, but in its promise to human well-being. It's a testament to how innovative solutions, rooted in scientific research, can pave the way for a brighter, more fulfilling future. Through SKYVIEW, we glimpse a world where restful nights and dynamic days aren’t luxuries but norms. And in that world, every individual has the chance to shine their brightest.

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