SKYVIEW Announces Formation of Scientific Advisory Board and Appoints Dr. Karen L. Fortuna as First Member

SKYVIEW's New Scientific Advisory Board Paves the Way for Scientifically Validated Wellness Solutions 



CARLSBAD, Calif., March 28, 2024 – SKYVIEW, the world's first human light, that brings the extraordinary power of the sun and sky into our homes, today announced the creation of a new Scientific Advisory Board. SKYVIEW’s Scientific Advisory Board signals a pivotal moment in the company's dedication to continue merging advanced technology with rigorous scientific research in all products. Dr. Karen L. Fortuna, a distinguished figure in the field of clinical social work and digital health, has been appointed as the inaugural member of SKYVIEW’s Scientific Advisory Board. 

SKYVIEW’s Scientific Advisory Board represents a crucial pillar in the company’s commitment to delivering beautiful and innovative wellness solutions that also are fully scientifically validated. Through this strategic move, SKYVIEW reaffirms its dedication to innovation guided by scientific rigor setting a new standard in the wellness technology landscape. 

As the first appointed member, Dr. Fortuna brings a wealth of experience and expertise to SKYVIEW’s Scientific Advisory Board. As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Dr. Fortuna's contributions to the health field are internationally recognized. With over 100 peer-reviewed publications, multiple book chapters, and numerous invited international and national presentations at prestigious scientific gatherings, Dr. Fortuna's track record exemplifies her dedication to advancing patient-centered research.  

"I'm delighted to become a part of SKYVIEW's Scientific Advisory Board and to play a role in advancing the company's mission of transforming wellness through scientifically driven innovation," said Dr. Fortuna. "Engaging psychiatric patients in therapy and recovery can be challenging. Advanced circadian lighting presents a promising avenue for improving well-being through passive means. It's one of the first technologies I've encountered that can have such a profound impact with simple exposure," she added. "I'm eager to collaborate with my fellow board members to continue validating and refining SKYVIEW's pioneering technologies, which hold the potential to enrich lives globally." 

"Dr. Fortuna's expertise aligns perfectly with our commitment to scientific excellence,” says Deepak Savadatti, CEO at BIOS Lighting. “Her insights will be invaluable as we continue to develop cutting-edge wellness solutions that merge with rigorous scientific research to redefine wellness solutions and provide tangible benefits globally.” 

SKYVIEW’s Scientific Advisory Board will continue to add members to represent a diverse team of experts in mental wellbeing, human performance, and productivity dedicated to advancing the evolution of SKYVIEW products. As SKYVIEW continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the guidance of the Scientific Advisory Board will ensure that its products remain at the forefront of scientific validation to ensure trust and efficacy in the wellness technology space. 

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At SKYVIEW, we commit ourselves to human health and wellness by harnessing the science and power of natural light, fostering a world where people can live their best. 

Founded by former NASA engineers, SKYVIEW sets itself apart by blending meticulous craftsmanship with science to reignite the essential bond between humans and sunlight.  SKYVIEW is your window to the revitalizing power of natural light, a premium addition to your wellness routine, and a transformative influence on your daily performance. It’s not just about lighting up a room; it’s about lighting up your life. SKYVIEW is indeed ‘more than light’. 

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