How is SKYVIEW™ different from other wellness lighting products?
What are the benefits of SKYVIEW™?
How is SKYVIEW™ different from other LED products?
How do I use my SKYVIEW™ light?

Set-up instruction

Will SKYVIEW™ arrive fully assembled?
Where can I find setup instructions?
Do I need a light bulb for my SKYVIEW™ lamp?

Delivery & Refund

What types of payment do you accept?
I would like to cancel my order, what do I do?
My order should have arrived, but I can’t find it. What should I do?
My lamp arrived damaged, what should I do?
Does SKYVIEW™ come with a warranty?
How do I contact customer service?
Which countries do you ship to?
How long will it take to ship after I place my order?
Can I get a refund if I decide that my SKYVIEW™ lamp is not what I expected?


How long will my SKYVIEW™ last?
What are the differences between SKYVIEW 2 and SkyView 2 Pro?
Do I need a smartphone or a tablet to use SKYVIEW™?

Commercial Sales

I’m would like to speak to a SKYVIEW™ commercial sales rep

Customer Support

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