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SKYVIEW Pendant Pro Launches at 2024 Forbes Travel Guide Summit

Date Mar 2024
Category lifestyle
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Skyview pendant pro

This year, Resorts World in Las Vegas hosted the annual Forbes Travel Guide Summit. SKYVIEW had the great opportunity to showcase our products at the biggest event in the hospitality industry.

The theme for the 2024 summit was wellness; so it was the perfect place to launch the SKYVIEW Pendant Pro. 


Powered By Wellness

At SKYVIEW we're rekindling our bond with light through our first-of-its-kind wellness lighting collection. Our lights recreate a 24-hour sunlight experience, seamlessly merging artistry and function to enhance your quality of life. The Pendant Pro is no different. It helps create an enhanced wellness environment for hospitality guests resulting in quality sleep and refreshed energy in the mornings.

SKYVIEW is creating a world-class wellness experience with its state-of-the-art technology, intuitive design, and tailored B2B solutions, achieving a balanced circadian rhythm within reach.

Learn more about the Pendant Pro here.


The SKYVIEW Experience at the Forbes Travel Guide Summit

To showcase the full SKYVIEW collection, we created 3 different experiences where you would use SKYVIEW in your home. Attendees could interact with the products in each room and our team was there to help educate everyone about light and health and SKYVIEW.




Spreading the Glow

Our CEO, Deepak Savadatti, had the opportunity to speak to attendees about how standard indoor lighting can affect health and how SKYVIEW is changing the way we look at our relationship with light.

We're so grateful to be able to showcase our products and educate people on light. Thanks for having us Forbes!

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