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Why Do We Dread Daylight Savings Time?

Why Do We Dread Daylight Savings Time?

It’s that time of year again, where we get all that beautiful daylight back in the evening.  But it always comes with a shock to your morning routine.  Those groggy mornings might have you thinking to yourself “why are we still doing this? I thought we voted to get rid of daylight savings long ago.”  And there’s good reason to ask this question.  

The Dark Side of Daylight Savings

It is well documented that springing forward is associated with a sharp uptick in heart attacks, car accidents and strokes; all due to our body clocks, called circadian rhythm. Our internal clock guides everything from our alertness levels (think drowsy driving), our blood pressure (stroke and heart attacks), and a whole host of other daily functions that, when disrupted, can cause day-long grogginess, brain fog, and even insomnia.  For some people it can take weeks to recover. 

Daylight Savings and Jet Lag Connection

In some ways, daylight savings time is like jet lag, only worse. This is because when you travel to a new time zone, the sun’s timing changes too.  And that sun’s cycle will shift your body’s clock to its new time zone.  The difference here is that hour shift from daylight savings doesn’t come with a new sun cycle to help your body’s clock shift.  That’s why when you travel, you don’t see the same uptick in heart attacks and car crashes with jet lag, the sunshine is helping us manage the time change.

Light communicates directly with a special set of sensors in our eyes looking for the blue wavelengths of light that are abundant in daylight, but almost completely missing in indoor lighting, which is why your typical indoor electric lighting won’t shift your clock, and you’re stuck in malaise for way too long.   

Beat the Effects of Daylight Savings

That’s where SKYVIEW comes in. See, we’re experts in using lighting to shape and strengthen our bodies’ clocks.  We started doing this for NASA.  We created systems to shift the body’s clocks of astronauts on the International Space Station from Houston time to Russia time, and everywhere in between.  We then took that knowledge and brought it to professional athletes and other frequent travelers.  And we’ve stayed true to our craft, never looking back.   

We developed a revolutionary sunrise simulation that is true to nature, which means SKYVIEW brings the unique blend of outdoor light’s wavelengths indoors to help your body readjust your body’s internal clock. This wavelength blend from nature is why so many people are recommending you get outside during the first part of your day, your body is craving it to kick start your day, or in this case, to shift your body’s clock to this new “time zone”, even though you haven’t gone anywhere. 

Give SKYVIEW a try and watch your morning grogginess with or without springing forward be a thing of the past.  

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